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Ultra-High Accuracy Laser Measurements on an Adjacent Box Beam Bridge

This paper discusses application of a specialized non-contact laser measurement system to measure key aspects of a bridge structure in such a manner as to allow quantitative measurements of structural behavior that has previously not been possible. This laser-based system can perform measurement tasks that are impossible with other laser systems and with manual measurements. No special targets are needed on the measurement surface and the system can make highly accurate measurements over very large distances. The structure being measured does not need to be accessed, eliminating ladders, bucket trucks and lane closures. This paper discusses a specific application of this laser system to the measurement of an adjacent box beam bridge during load testing. This unique application demonstrates the ability to measure complex structural behavior and demonstrates the types of information that can be obtained.

1. Fuchs, P.A., NCHRP IDEA 153: Bridge Retrofit Laser System, NCHRP IDEA Final Report, September 2012. 2. Fuchs, P.A., Washer, G.A., Chase, S.B., and Moore, M.E., Laser-Based Instrumentation for Bridge Load Rating, ASCE Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, Vol. 18, No. 4, November, 2004.
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