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Time Reversal-based Beam Focusing of an Ultrasonic Phased Array Transducer on a Target in Anisotropic and Inhomogeneous Welds

In ultrasonic testing (UT) of dissimilar metal welds, complex microstructures of weld metals, in general, can make any elastic wave-based nondestructive testing (NDT) techniques difficult to apply. Application of phased array techniques in terms of incident beam focusing is also challenging because of the anisotropic and inhomogeneous nature of weld metals formed during the multipass welding process. Time reversal techniques can help improve the ability of ultrasound beam focusing by knowing how the beam interacts with the material, though time reversal techniques do not change the intrinsic limitations of UT. This paper demonstrates how to implement the time reversal-based focusing technique using an NDT simulation and shows resulting images of a sidedrilled hole within austenitic welds. The results of simulated beam focusing effects using both the time reversal-based technique and calculated focal law are compared for both anisotropic and isotropic weld cases

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