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Tempering Effect and Tensile Properties Evaluation of C45 Steel Based on Magnetic Memory Technology

Metal magnetic memory technology is a new nondestructive testing technique. It can be used to evaluate the internal changes and stress damage of materials by measuring the magnetic leakage field signal. C45 steel, which is commonly used for crankshafts in chemical equipment, was selected as the research object in this paper. The effect of the tempering temperature on C45 magnetic memory signals and its mechanical properties were analyzed. The correlation between the magnetic memory signal and mechanical property parameters was established. The magnetic memory changing law was acquired during a tensile process. Magnetic memory signal stage characteristics of tempered steel were extracted. Magnetic memory signal changing mechanisms of different heat-treated specimens were studied in the tensile process. The results show that the magnetic memory technique is able to evaluate the tempering effect quickly and accurately. It can also evaluate the stress state and the damage degree of tempered steel during a tensile process.

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