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New NDT Applications Utilizing High Energy X-ray Computed Tomography - Digital Linear Detector Arrays as Technology Enablers

LDAs (Linear Detector Arrays) are finding new applications in the field of non-destructive testing and industrial computed tomography. This is especially true in cases where the objects are large or thick and require MeV level X-ray energies for sufficient penetration, and when resolution is also critical. This paper describes the challenges of such applications, mainly concentrating on scatter effects, scatter reduction methods, as well as detection capability and radiation damage concerns. Example cases in the automotive and oil processing industries are presented and discussed. Many of these applications utilize an accelerator technology based on an X-ray source, which sets certain requirements on the LDA. This paper also presents the construction and performance of a high resolution LDA, which is optimized for this specific purpose and is enabling new applications.

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  2. Michael SALAMON et all, High Energy X-Ray Imaging for Application in Aerospace Industry, 4th International Symposium on NDT in Aerospace 2012
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