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Magnetostrictive Sensing Probes for Guided Wave Testing of High Temperature Pipes

Magnetostrictive sensing (MsS) technology is widely used for guided wave testing of piping at ambient temperature. However, there are a number of processes where pipelines must operate at temperatures in a range up to 773 K (500 °C) and higher. Online assessment of the condition of such piping would be beneficial for the industry so that maintenance decisions can be made effectively. MsS sensor operation at high temperatures requires addressing the following major issues: maintaining the magnetostrictive properties of the sensor, reliable sensor coupling and sensor durability at the high temperature condition. To address these topics, a number of MsS field trials on high temperature piping were performed together with extensive sensor testing in the laboratory at a wide range of temperatures from approximately 298 to 1203 K (25 to 930 °C). The results obtained from these experiments are presented, as well as suggestions for future work.

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