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Large Scale Implementation of Computed Radiography Digital Archiving Networks for High Volume NDT

With the development of industrial specifications for critical digital inspection from MAI, ASTM, ASME, and NADCAP, among others, Computed Radiography (CR) has emerged as the most technically capable and cost effective high volume inspection modalities across many industry segments. This paper discusses the implementation of large commercial CR network, which is initiating reductions of conventional NDT film usage. Lowest cost of ownership has been demonstrated through labor savings, materials and waste cost reduction, faster inspection cycle time, image data archiving, and image retrieval transmission efficiencies. At the same time, these installations have maintained superior image quality and specification conformance. High efficiency software solutions have been developed to support existing production procedures and inspection protocols which have enabled successful commercial implementation in a short period of time. Actual case studies for high volume CR applications are presented.

  1. Ken LaCivita, "Use of Digital Radiography for Final Part Acceptance of Aerospace Castings", Materials Evaluation Aug. 2012, p915-p922
  2. Yasunori Narukawa, "Latest Review of Computed Radiography System", Journal of the JSNDI vol. 61 No. 4 2012 p141-p147
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