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Imaging Plate Background Lighting Conditions for Acceptable Image Quality

It is necessary to expose, and then handle, bare computed radiography imaging plates in subdued lighting conditions prior to scanning them into a reader. ASTM standards specify that exposed imaging plates shall be handled in conditions of subdued background lighting. This paper specifies quantitative background lighting conditions for handling bare imaging plates between exposure and scanning. Three lighting conditions were investigated: fluorescent, tungsten, and sunlight. The effect of background light level and duration on signal retention, basic spatial resolution, signal-to-noise ratio, and contrast-to-noise ratio were determined.

  1. ASTM E 2033 WK34936, “Standard Practice for Radiological Examination Using Computed Radiology,” ASTM International.
  2. ASTM E 2445 WK28364, “Standard Practice for Performance Evaluation and Long-Term Stability of Computed Radiology Systems,” ASTM International.
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