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Free Vibration Analysis of Sandwich Cylinder Considering Thin Damping Core Layer

In this study, the free vibration of three layered sandwich cylinders is considered. The flexural vibration of the main elastic cylinder is damped using viscoelastic core which is discontinuously constrained by a number of elastic segments around the circumference. The core layer is assumed to be linear viscoelastic with complex elastic moduli. For development of the analytical procedure, the governing equation for the free vibration of a damped system is formulated. As a result a sixth order differential equation for the motion is derived six boundary conditions in terms of flexural displacement are satisfied for fixed-free and free-free discontinuously damped sandwich cylinders. The determinant of the coefficient matrix is then equated to zero and roots are computed using the iteration method. The effects of the viscoelastic core with complex shear modulus and the elastic modulus constrained layer on the dimensionless frequencies and the loss factors are computed for different shear parameter, geometric parameter, and the core loss factor.

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