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Digital Radiography and Computed Tomography Process Effect on Electronic Device Temperature and Circuit Performance

Digital radiography and computed tomography are the effective nondestructive testing techniques for assessment of the anomalies and defects in the materials and structures. Depending on the applied system capabilities these methods can be used with various levels of resolution and degrees of penetration in different applications from thick sheets of metals to tiny plastic parts. NSI X-View M5000-CT Computed Tomography System is shown to be able to do digital radiography and computed tomography for metals with thickness up to 2 inches and electronic parts at the resolution of 2 microns. However, relatively long time of the X-ray beam exposure of sensitive electronic chips may have the undesirable effect on their performance in different ways such as temperature increase and electromagnetic radiation effect. In this research the influence of applied X-ray beam on the electronic chips over time is evaluated. The temperature of the chips was measured by remote infrared thermocouple and the amplitude of electromagnetic field was monitored at different stages of the inspection and scanning using EMF detector. Any unexpected change in the temperature of the chips and electromagnetic fields during the scanning process may have the damaging effect on the electronic device performance.

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