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AWS D1.1 and D1.5 Phased Array Examination

In 1976, an ultrasonic method was developed by AWS to correlate the size of a known flaw to the amount of sound attenuation across a given soundpath. This method would become the AWS dB Flaw Rating or Classification system for flaw evaluation and acceptance utilized in AWS D1.1D1.5 and is still in heavy use to this day. However, as instrument technology has progressed and the demand for advanced Phased Array Ultrasonics has increased, the need for combining this new technique with current code requirements became necessary. A new inspection procedure and evaluation technique utilizing Phased Array in AWS is currently in development as a non-mandatory appendix to the code. This Annex requirement coming to D1.1 and D1.5 will allow the use of encoded, Phased Array Electronic and Sectorial Scanning for data collection, implement a new rating system for classifying defects, as well as an improved process for applying acceptance criteria of said flaws and follows the acceptance criteria of AWS D1.1 Annex S. This presentation outlines the specific uses of Phased Array in regards to the AWS code, the new rating system and acceptance criteria that was created, and provides insight into the research and experimentation that was done to create this new and exciting inspection process.

1. Olympus NDT, “Introduction to Phased Array Technology Applications” 2. Steve Duke, CPM & Stuart Wilkinson, PhD – University of South Florida “Advanced Ultrasonic Testing Non- Destructive Testing Techniques in Accordance with the AWS D1.5 Bridge Welding Code”, 2014 ; 3. AWS D1.1:2010 “Structural Welding Code – Steel” 4. AWS D1.5:2010 “Bridge Welding Code”
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