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Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction for Ultrasonic NDE of Carbon Composites

Ultrasonic images have relatively low resolution and poor imaging quality due to the speckle noise produced by the interference of backscattered signals. The densities of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP) and carbon-carbon (C/C) samples are not uniform due to the anisotropic properties of carbon composites. In this paper, a super-resolution (SR) image reconstruction technique is proposed to obtain high resolution (HR) defect images for nondestructive evaluation (NDE). SR image reconstruction is an approach used to overcome the inherent resolution limitations of the existing ultrasonic system. It can greatly improve the image quality and also can allow for more detailed inspection of the region of interest (ROI) with high resolution, making defect evaluation easier and more accurate. Therefore, a HR image has particular value in defect diagnosis. Firstly, this method uses a micro-scanning imaging technique to obtain a low-resolution (LR) image sequence with sub-pixel displacement. Then, the HR ultrasound image is reconstructed by applying the iterative back projection (IBP) reconstruction algorithm. The result was studied and compared at the end of this paper.

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