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Quantitative Analysis of Uranium Distribution in Plate Fuel Element Using Real Time Digital X-Ray Radiography

Dispersion type plate fuel elements were fabricated with U3Si2 dispersoids in aluminium matrix and clad in Al-alloy for the modified core of APSARA reactor by standard picture framing technique followed by hot roll bonding operation. In general around 85% reduction in thickness was carried out in fabricating the finished fuel plates. These fuel plates were then characterized by digital X-ray radiography technique to outline fuel meat boundary and also for the quantitative analysis of surface uranium metal density in the fuel meat. In order to evaluate the surface uranium density a non destructive technique was developed in which X-ray radiography image was digitized and gray value was calibrated in terms of uranium metal density. In addition, fuel meat and clad thickness of fuel plate was determined along longitudinal section by optical microscopy.

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