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New Indices for Plotting C-scan Images Obtained from Ultrasonic Testing of Adhesive Joints

Ultrasonic testing (UT) is one of the more effective nondestructive methods for testing adhesive joints. Among various UT techniques, C-scan imaging is most effective for this purpose. Common C-scan imaging techniques usually use the amplitude or time of flight of the peak echo for plotting the image. It is also possible to use an index that is defined based on the peak amplitude for plotting the image. In this paper, a new parameter, which is a measure of the power or energy of the signal, is introduced. By substituting this new parameter for the amplitude in available indices, new indices are obtained. The C-scan images produced using these new indices have better contrast compared to those generated using old indices. Old and new indices are both used for evaluation of adhesive joints with implanted disbonds. C-scan images and their histograms obtained using these indices are compared to demonstrate advantages of the new indices.

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