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Introducing Visitors to NDT: A Universal Template for Constructing Clear and Concise NDT Method Descriptions

From time to time, NDT practitioners have the opportunity to give NDT process descriptions to visitors to their facilities. These visitors can be customers, auditors, or members of other departments within the organization. These process descriptions are technical presentations (Trach, 2012), even though they are typically given to audiences as small as one person. In many cases, limited time is available for preparing and practicing the delivery of such NDT method descriptions. Additionally, many NDT practitioners have limited experience in crafting and delivering technical presentations. This paper presents a universal template which, when populated with appropriate entries, generates a clear, concise, and complete description of any NDT method, and which is suitable for giving an introductory description of any NDT method to visitors to the NDT facility, or for outlining a more extensive NDT method presentation.

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