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Image Fusion Based on Single-frequency Guided Wave Mode Signals for Structural Health Monitoring in Composite Plates

This paper presents the application of ultrasonic guided waves to the detection and imaging of discontinuities by using a distributed sparse transducer array in a quasi-isotropic composite plate. Considering the anisotropic property of composite plates, a group velocity polar profile of the S0 mode at 200 kHz in different azimuthal directions in the plate was first measured by experimental techniques and achieved good agreement with theoretical predictions. The 2D visualization of single and double simulated discontinuity locations in the composite plate can be achieved by the combination of ultrasonic guided wave technology and a discrete ellipse imaging algorithm. Furthermore, three types of algorithms, namely full summation, full multiplication, and summation and multiplication combination, were employed to reconstruct the discontinuity location. The results show that summation and multiplication combination can enhance the image fusion ability of discontinuity information in the composite plate compared with the other two algorithms. Therefore, this ultrasonic guided wave technique based on the discrete ellipse imaging fusion approach can be effectively used for accurate discontinuity detection and imaging of anisotropic composite plate structure.

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