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Contrast Information Obtained by Neutron Grating Interferometry Compared to Conventional Neutron Imaging

Neutron imaging is nowadays an established method for nondestructive testing. In the past few years, new contrast features in neutron imaging, so-called phase contrast imaging and dark-field imaging, where discovered and established. These two imaging types allow obtaining alternative information about investigated samples in comparison to the conventional attenuation signal. This information can be acquired via radio- or even tomography. The dedicated setup is based on a neutron grating interferometer exploiting the wave properties of neutrons and their interference behavior. Phase contrast data which uses the characteristically phase shift in the observed material can be considered as an additional independent parameter in material research. The dark-field-image is driven by the small-angle scattering behavior of the material under investigation. The basic evaluation procedures for these techniques will be explained and some practical examples will be given in this paper.

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