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A Universal Strategy for Correcting Ultrasonic Size Estimates, Illustrated using Echo-dynamic Size

This paper proposes a universal strategy for correcting limited-accuracy size estimates from a given ultrasonic technique, by using higheraccuracy size information from another technique. The more-accurate size information needed can be developed from destructive techniques, nondestructive techniques or mathematical modeling techniques. The correction can be quantitative or semi-quantitative. As examples of limited-accuracy ultrasonic sizing techniques, this paper uses echodynamic size estimates. For these example techniques, the paper illustrates correcting size estimates both in the general theoretical case and for a specific experimental case involving inclusion-stringer discontinuities. The proposed universal strategy corrections can improve results from a test beyond what would normally be physically possible. The proposed universal strategy corrections can also improve results comparisons when a single part is tested more than once using different ultrasonic setups; examples include round-robin tests as well as periodic piping, weld and vessel maintenance tests.

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