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Tracking FPI System Performance Using Soft Metrology

Identifying the variables in the penetrate process and understanding the permissible deviation of the variable is only part of process improvement. We need to know how much each variable affects the end result, and we need to know how well we can control that variable. To know this we need a device to measure not only the variable, but to accurately show the end result. Measuring many variables; such as temperature, can be done with industrial metrology, but judging the end result we need to use soft metrology. The known defect standard is our industries “soft” method of verifying results. In both cases; Soft or Industrial Metrology, the tools used need to be designed for the measurement and range required. If the tools we use cannot detect the changes in the variables, different or better tools need to be used or developed. To truly track, maintain, or improve our process these known defect standards need to detect changes before they become detrimental to the end result.

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