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State of the Art MT and UT Test Stations in the German Automotive Industry

More and more automotive customers request the reproducibility and repeatability of NDT systems to be confirmed by Gauge R&R studies. To assure reproducible indication sensitivity in MT applications we explain the new development of the so called "Fluxa Control", which regularly and automatically controls the quality of the testing liquid. Furthermore the combined method with 2 phase shifted AC magnetizations does not only speed up the MT, it also guaranties sensitivity for all defect orientations in ONE test cycle. An important positive side effect of AC magnetization is the guarantee of a later completely demagnetized test part - a fact which became more and more important in recent years. Flexibility to component geometry and specific customers production needs is a positive criterion for MT solutions in general, but quite demanding for automated UT test stations. Modular designed multi-channel UT electronic in combination with fast and open software interfaces are today requirements for UT installations in automotive production lines. This presentation will show installations of MT and UT solutions in German automotive production on safety relevant parts and critical engine components.

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