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Quantitative Inspection of Wire Rope Discontinuities using Magnetic Flux Leakage Imaging

Most traditional coil sensors combined with an integrator are used to measure the magnetic flux around the circumference of a wire rope, but the circumferential distribution of discontinuities could not be distinguished in this way. In this paper, a nondestructive testing system with Hall sensor array was designed. The magnetic flux leakage signals of five artificial discontinuities were collected. The raw data were normalized and interpolated to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and the circumferential resolution. A notch filter was designed to eliminate the texture caused by the wire rope strands. The discontinuities could be easily detected in the filtered image. Using a statistical process, control limits were set to discriminate the discontinuities from the strand texture, and the filtered image was finally transformed into a binary image. The sum of the local binary images was then used to size the discontinuities.

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