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Phased Array UT or Conventional UT: A Reference Analysis Based on Industrial Installations for Welded Tubes

Three types of welded tubes are often inspected with ultrasound: Submerged arc welded pipes (SAW pipes) with either longitudinal or helical weld and electric resistance welded pipes (ERW pipes) with longitudinal weld. This paper will focus on the online test of ERW pipes. Initially, the state of the art of conventional multi-channel UT is summarized. Afterwards, recent developments in phased array UT (PAUT) are presented. The optimization of the phased array probe design and the setup of complex testing configurations are supported by the CIVA simulation software. Examples of industrial installations of phased array UT using a large number of parallel channels are described. The technical performance (signal noise ratio, testing speed, ultrasonic coverage, etc.) of conventional UT and PAUT is compared. Conclusion: There are good arguments to continue with a combination of the advantages of both worlds.

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