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Inspection of Euripus Cable-Stayed Bridge

Euripus Bridge, 80 km north of Athens, is the first road cable-stayed bridge in Greece. It has a total length of 695 m, of which 395 m constitute the main cable-stayed part and 300 m the two approach viaducts. The approach viaducts, with 35.875 or 39.00 m spans, have been constructed by using prefabricated prestressed beams, pre-slabs and in situ poured deck slab. The cable-stayed main bridge has three spans 90 – 215 – 90 m, two pylons of height 100 m and a prestressed deck slab of thickness 0.45 m; it is probably the thinnest worldwide deck (lh = 215 0.45 = 475). The cables consist of parallel galvanized strands, within a pipe HDPE, protected by cement grouting. The bridge has been constructed between 1987 and 1993 and has been given to traffic in June 1994. The up-to-now behavior of the bridge is exceptional, without obvious external problems, despite the heavy traffic and the frequent local earthquakes. For confirming the aforementioned, the Greek Ministry of Public Works is conducting an extended visual and instrumental inspection of the bridge, which covers all the fields and specifically: • concrete • concrete steel • cables • steel structures. The investigation will have been completed up to the end of March 2012, so that the findings can be presented during August Conference.

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