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Infrared Thermography and GPR Techniques for Condition Assessment of RC Bridges

Use of modern nondestructive evaluation techniques such as infrared thermography (IRT) and ground penetrating radar (GPR) can greatly help in assessing the condition of RC bridges and facilitate decisions regarding optimal rehabilitation strategies. These techniques can help detect subsurface voids and delaminations, and enable mapping of their size. This information about the extent of subsurface damage is crucial for making decisions regarding repair or replacement of bridge components and the structure as a whole. This paper presents infrared field testing data from an in-service West Virginia RC bridge, and GPR data from lab testing of an RC specimen. The paper also discusses the advantages of using modern nondestructive evaluation techniques for effective condition assessment of RC bridges.

1. Halabe, U.B., H.L Chen, V. Bhandarkar and Z. Sami, “Detection of Sub-Surface Anomalies in Concrete Bridge Decks Using Ground Penetrating Radar,” ACI Materials Journal, 94(5), 1997, pp. 396-408.
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