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Engineering Support for Management and Maintenance

State DoTs are confronted by an array of challenges as regards structures (bridges, tunnels, signs, signals, lighting supports, etc.). There is a great deal of buzz with regard to structural health monitoring as a way to solve many of these problems. Is it magic or is it malarkey? The author delivered the ASNT 2003 Mehl Honor Lecture Structural Health Monitoring: Before and After Crack Birth. This presentation takes a step back and provides a fresh look at how technology can be used to support management decision making. It also looks at how some of this same technology can be used to support maintenance planning and scheduling. The perspective is intentionally broader than that used by either the global SHM proponents or the local in-situ NDT champions. An approach for down selecting strategies for tackling management and maintenance problems is defined.

1. Duke, Jr., J.C. and R.E. Green, Jr., “Simultaneous Monitoring of Acoustic Emission and Ultrasonic Attenuation During Fatigue of 7075 Aluminum,” International Journal of Fatigue, Vol. 1, No.3, pp. 125-132, July 1979.
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