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Encoded Phased Array Bridge Pin Inspection

Many of our roadways encounter bridge spans utilizing pinned connection points. Some bridge designs support the entire structure and everything placed upon it with four (4) "pins". Ultrasonic testing has become the primary inspection process of these limited access components. Phased Array is one of the most recent advances in Ultrasound becoming more prevalent in the NDT field. Advantages include the ability to steer the sound beam directing them at shear planes, the location of probable failure. Using a well-defined application a single revolution of a probe placed on each end can produce a detailed view into this connection. Cracking, wear groves, or areas of corrosion are readily shown and characterized. If present threaded ends are shown in great detail with any flaws bleeding out on the display. The results can be easily visualized on a color-coded c-scan that when rolled out shows the condition of the hidden pin surfaces. The encoded scan provides proof of performance and a basis of a reproducible inspection that can be compared in future monitoring programs.

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