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Development of Pig Iron and Molten Slag Level Meter for Blast Furnace

A new the pig iron and molten slag level meter for the blast furnace was developed to realize stable furnace operation. One type of the unstable operation is rise of the pig iron and molten slag level, which causes poor furnace conditions. In the worst case, this can cause serious trouble with a large decrease in production. In this proceeding, the new technique is described, which is measuring the liquid level in a blast furnace using the very low electrical resistance measurement in the lower part of a blast furnace, which contains pig iron and molten slag. The four point contact method was adopted, and a pseudo random signal as a current pattern to improve S/N ratio. This technique makes it possible to detect rise or fall of the liquid level. An online test confi rmed that the level meter could predict deterioration of the furnace condition before other sensors can.

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