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Condition Assessment of High Rise Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers

Viaducts deck could be carried by high-rise reinforced concrete piers. In existing bridges, these structures are often subjected to environmental damage, and eventually to exceptional seismic damage. This study is focused on the condition assessment of this particular structure. Some information on Eurocode 8, focusing on structural measures in the matter of existing bridges are given. These considerations have been developed taking into consideration the Italian experience and relate primarily to the codes and guidelines, which are also based on the results of extensive experimental investigations carried out in Italy and Europe. The limits and shortcomings of Eurocode 8 are indicated, following the logical structure of the Italian rules, which are organized by the definition of objectives and performance requirements achieved through strengthening interventions. Results in terms of environmental life cycle damage and in case of seismic excitation is given as a result of coupled structural analysis.

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