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Comparison of Conventional and Direct Flat Panel Digital Radiography for 1 inch (25mm) Thick Stainless Steel Butt Welds

Doosan Power Systems is manufacturing 1.0 inch (25mm) thick stainless vessels for a Customer in the UK. The seam welding of these large, PD5500 Category 1 vessels is carried out at site. The code calls for conventional film radiography as the volumetric NDT method. In 2009 the project identified that it required a large amount of radiography to be carried out on the butt welded sections. The welding process is Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) – see Figure 1. It was quickly identified that the site is congested with poor logistics for carrying out conventional radiography and close location to adjacent buildings

1. Doosan Power Systems Report No. TR-09-170 Ultrasonic Modelling to Support SPP1 BSV Phased Array Inspection In Lieu of Radiography G A Bryce; C R Bird October 2009 2. Doosan Power Systems Report No.08210/B813/ER/88316/0063 Assessment of the Ability of ‘Flat Screen’ Digital Radiographic Images v Conventional X-Ray Radiographic Film in Detecting Defects and Imperfections in 25mm Thick 316L Stainless Steel Plate Butt Welds C Lawson October 2011 3. Federal Working Group on Industrial Digital Radiography Guide for the Qualification of Digital Radiography Systems and Processes Paper No. 002-09 September 2009
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