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Automated Phased Array inspections of CFRP composites primary Aerospace structures.

AREVA NDE-Solutions specializes in mechanized non-destructive testing (NDT) systems and services and has succeeded in transferring our nuclear inspection technology and knowhow to the aerospace carbon composite inspection industry. The aerospace industry needs absolute reliability and safety. New designs and demands to inspect 100% of these new components pose new challenges. The parts to be inspected are becoming larger, with more complex shapes, high curvatures, multilayered and often combine monolithic and sandwich structures. Stringers, radii, chamfers and edges must be inspected as well as untrimmed components and components drilled with holes. In addition, the new NDT machines must be reliable, inspection time and system costs must be minimized, and the systems should be flexible enough to anticipate future inspection needs. This represents a true industrial challenge. The combination of intelligeNDT’s flexible testing platform with state-of-the-art mechanics and complete control of the entire NDT chain of supplies and expertise (Design, Sensors, Hardware, Software, Project Management, Commissioning, Training and After-Sale Services) has resulted in a series of inspection systems that combine very high level of defect detection with a truly optimized industrial process. We show innovative systems based on trough-transmission squirters or contact methods with multi-element phased array techniques using robots or gantries.

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