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Acoustic Monitoring of the Main Cables of the Anthony Wayne Suspension Bridge

The Anthony Wayne Suspension Bridge in Toledo, Ohio is scheduled to undergo a major rehabilitation. These cables have never been opened for a comprehensive wire break inspection since the bridge went into service over 80 years ago. Prior to the rehabilitation, the Ohio Department of Transportation requires the cables to be inspected in accordance with NCHRP – 534. Acoustic Emission (AE) monitoring of the main cables for wire breaks is taking place prior to this invasive inspection. The primary goals of the (AE) monitoring are to: 1) get an overview of the health of the entire cable volume by ascertaining the frequency and location of wire breaks, 2) help identify areas with active corrosion, 3) aid in locating the areas to be inspected invasively, 4) to minimize the locations of invasive inspection, 5) aid in identifying any needs for cable rehabilitation and to assess the utility of long term health monitoring of the cables. The monitoring system consists of AE sensors mounted at 100 foot intervals on each of the main cable. The data is transmitted over the internet and processed in a remote location. The monitoring system, data processing, data collected and the use to the data to achieve the goals are presented in this paper.

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