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A Review of Digital Radiography in the Service of Aerospace

The accumulation of over 20 years of experience and research in the area of Security Digital Xray has produced top-quality devices initially developed for specific security needs. These devices and tools have already contributed significantly to several areas of NDT Digital radiography. The X-ray inspection industry (both Security and NDT) is rapidly shifting towards DR and Portable DR. Today, the exchange of know-how and data is becoming increasingly reciprocal between the two fields. There is no doubt that the extensive expertise acquired in the area of security, with the constant competition between inspectors and hostile factors creating ever rising demands and appropriate responses respectively, can and will make even greater contributions in the future.

This article quotes a study comparing conventional film-based X-ray to Digital Radiography X-ray carried out by the Air Expeditionary Force Battle Lab of the US Air Force in 2000. Bibliography: Digital X-ray Initiative after Initiative Report, prepared for U.S. Air Force and Air Expeditionary Force Battlelab by William G. Crans, Jr., Concurrent Technologies Corporation, June 12, 2000
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