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on-Site SIBIE Measurement of Surface Cracks and Defects in Concrete Structures of Highway

In this study, the Spectral Amplitudes Based on Impact-Echo (SIBIE) procedure is applied to on-site measurement in concrete structures. In order to identify voids in delaminated zone between concrete piers of an express highway and pre-stressed concrete (PC) panels covered, the impact was driven with two-point detections. For the case of surface cracks, the impact was driven at one side and the detection was conducted at the other side to estimate the depths of cracks. In addition, to identify ungrouted post-tensioning ducts in prestressed concrete, A feasibility study was conducted in model structures. Reinforced concrete columns containing an ungrouted duct, a partially-grouted duct, and a fully-grouted duct of metal and polyethylene sheaths were tested. It is demonstrated that locations of internal defects and depths of surface cracks can be identified with reasonable accuracy by SIBIE in all the cases tested.

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