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objective Functions using Different Residuals for Model updating

Model updating is often attributed to an optimization problem, the objective function is normally formulated by the deviation between the measured results and the numerical predictions. In this paper, four different residuals, including frequency residual, mode shape related residual, modal flexibility residual and static displacement residual, were used alone or simultaneously to form the objective function. The comparative study about the different objective functions was conducted through the model updating of a three span continuous beam. The results, in view of model updating as well as damage identification, indicated that multi-residuals-based objective function are better than those single-residual-based ones. Besides, another method of optimization with variable weight factors was studied, which focus on obtaining a objective function combined by residuals with variable weighting coefficient, and changing the coefficient gradually for a series of new optimization problem, the updating performances of this method are much better than the fixed objective functions formed by a single-residual or multi-residuals

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