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Ultrasonic Multiple Beam Technique Using Single Phased Array Probe for Detection and Sizing of Stress Corrosion Cracking in Austenitic Welds

This paper describes a multiple beam technique using an ultrasonic single phased array probe for detecting and sizing planar discontinuities in austenitic stainless welds. This technique uses a single phased array probe with focal laws for two kinds of sectorial scans (S-scans) separately based on transverse and longitudinal wave velocities. The transverse wave S-scan uses an angle beam transverse wave method in order to detect planar discontinuities. The longitudinal wave S-scan uses a multiple beam method to get discontinuity sizing; it is used with inside-diameter creeping waves, mode-converted waves and angle focal beam longitudinal waves. The validity of generation of multiple beams from a single phased array probe without wedges is confirmed by comparison of measurements and simulations of ultrasonic wave displacement of angle beams. The effectiveness of the multiple beam technique with a single phased array probe is presented by results from electrical discharge machined slits and stress corrosion cracks in austenitic stainless steel welds.

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