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Study on Retarding Cracking of Asphalt Pavement by Continuous Construction of Asphalt Pavement and Base

The cracking of the semi-rigid base of asphalt pavement is a problem which has not been solved yet. This paper proposes a new technology for construction. The proposed method, adding anti-cracking agent into the semi-rigid base material and paving the surface before the base material coagulated, can improve the interface shear strength to 0.43 MPa, which is shown from the core samplings. At the same time, the slippages and cracks caused by bad cementation between the base and surface pavements are resolved. In addition, the working operation of priming oil used in the normal procedure is saved because of the continuous constructions. On account of paving the surface before the base material coagulated, water in the base is prevented from evaporating. Thus, dry shrinkage cracks in the semi-rigid base are retarded effectively. As the heat exchange in the surface layer and the protection of the base layer by the surface, the thermal contraction of the base layer is well controlled. Taking the test road as an example, it is found that 13 years later after the construction the pavement constructed using the new method has only 10% cracks of that of constructed in normal ways, which proves the effectiveness of the new method.

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