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Passive Micro-Tremor Sensing for Geostability Analysis

Geostability analysis coupled with geophysical testing results has been performed for the Citronelle CO2 injection site. Based on linear elastic assumption and effective stress distribution change, very small elastic deformations including 1.48 ft for the upper Donavan and 0.78 ft for the lower Donavan, have been determined for the two oilproducing layers. These deformation values are concluded to be insignificant for the Citronelle formation. However, the relatively large strain rate (0.0037%) may indicate potential of localized rock ruptures and collapses. The geophysical testing using modified ReMi and wireless sensing provided reasonably accurate data to characterize the site. The two field test results show that the test results are repeatable and ascertained the appropriateness of the data analysis procedures. A critical path analysis is recommended to evaluate future geophysical testing to ensure the effectiveness of the testing methodology and its association with oil production rate.

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