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Emerging Construction Technology – Nano Structural Steel

Day by day our need is increasing started from lower scale and moving towards larger our scale. Today the major challenge before us is to provide a structure which is far superior to existing conventional structure in every aspect like light in weight, high strength, high life period, highly economical, aesthetic in look, time saving, workable, low maintenance it seemed impossible to achieve the said aim or if achieved it will be highly complex to attend all the aim using conventional material in construction. These complex aims can be attend by application of Nanotechnogy. One of the major problems faced by the construction industries today is the effect of corrosion on steel, and the inherent structural weakness it cause in highway, bridges and buildings. The need for corrosion-resistant steel is illustrated by the billions of dollars required annually to reconstruct or repair structures whose design life has been either shortened or eliminated as a result of corrosion, or through loss of aesthetic value or functional obsolescence irrespective of the replacement cost of steel products (i.e. reinforced concrete, structural steel members, ship plate, etc.), personal injury and deaths have occurred through corrosion-induced structural failures. This paper discusses the Emerging Nano Structural Steel manufactured from Nanotechnology in construction and its benefits.

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