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Debonding Detection for Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Using Embedded Piezoelectric Actuators

As the concrete-filled steel tube (CFST) has been widely adopted in civil engineering structures as a typical composite structural type in recent years, the health monitoring for it has received extensive attentions and the debonding detection technique for CFST is still a challenging problem because of the inaccessibility of the interface between concrete and steel tube. Some traditional nondestructive evaluation (NDE) methods such as X-ray is not practically suitable for the monitoring of debonding of CFST because of the heaviness of the equipments needed and the difficulties in realizing the detection in a real-time manner. In this paper, a health monitoring method based on PZT is employed to detect the predesigned debonding damage in a CFST column specimen. The smart aggregate (SA) which is based on PZT are taken as actuator while a number of PZTs bonded on the outside surface of the CFST specimen are sensors. The results based on the defined damage indexes based on the wavelet analysis on the PZT sensors measurements show that the proposed method successfully detect the artificially mimicked debonding areas.

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