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Characterization of the Triboluminescence Performance of ZnS:Mn Under Repeated Mechanical Loading for Smart Optical Damage Sensor System

This paper presents some results from an ongoing study on the application of a triboluminescence (TL) material in the wireless, in-situ, and distributed damage detection and monitoring of civil structures such as highway bridges. One of the most efficient triboluminescence (TL) materials known is manganese-doped zinc sulphide (ZnS:Mn).Discussed in this paper are the results from an effort to characterize the TL performance of ZnS:Mn under repeated impact loading, simulating the fatigue loadings that bridges are subjected to. The variation in the TL response with changes in the mass of the TL material used was observed. Threshold energy required to initiate TL was also determined. An attempt was made to estimate the TL output from a single crystal relative to the applied load. Finally, an empirical relationship was developed to estimate the relationship among the TL output, mass of the TL material and the impact velocity.

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