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Automated Health Monitoring of an Aged and Deteriorated Truss

Health monitoring of bridges for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) has been developed and supported by the University of Cincinnati Infrastructure Institute (UCII) since 1998. During this time several bridges have been equipped with various sensors and connected to data-loggers which are programmed to take and store gage measurements. At a number of these sites the readings are downloaded at set intervals by means of an automated system developed by UCII. This system provides real time analysis of the data readings, warnings and alerts based on determined thresholds, and warehousing of sensor readings for further review and analysis. One such tool of analysis is web based graphing of the gage readings enabling ODOT and UCII to monitor a bridge’s health from any location, even mobile devices. This automation also enables real time analysis to generate linear regression models for possible fault detection in particular bridge members and corresponding automated issuance of alarms via email, text message, etc.

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