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EM Phased Array for Underground Visualization with Parametric Evaluation

The development of high accuracy imaging devices for deep underground studies is mainly determined by the performances of the phased array, both in S/N ratio and phasing. The operating frequency and the ground or water conductivity are determining the measurement depth, while images may be obtained from several skin depths. To increase the depth and accuracy the dynamic differentiation in time domain analysis methods may be applied simultaneously having as effect the reduction of the parasite signal due to various reflections with direct consequence in image quality.The f ying of multiple phased arrays, in synchronized regime and with pulsed multi-band inspection signal makes possible the visualization of an underground object under multiple angles and frequencies, by the application of superior algorithms for visualization and analysis. The maximum depth is given by the lowest operation frequency and the pulsed power investigation signal, and for frequencies in the MHz domain it may be higher than 1000 ft. A light balloon flying structure makes possible the dynamic imaging of a territory with speeds up to 50 square miles per hour, which can be enhanced by using flying formations at height of 1-2 miles. The applications are both scientific and military.

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