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Influence of Water Content on Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Measurements Through High Volume Fly Ash Cement Paste - Physicomechanical Characterization

In this study, physicomechanical characterization is evaluated using ultrasonic pulse–echo measurements through high-volume fly ash (HVFA) cement paste. The composites were tested at different water-content levels to infer their influence on the pulse–echo measurements. To achieve different water content levels, samples were dried in an oven between 60 and 105C at 6-, 12-, and 24-h intervals. Physical (dry unit weight, apparent specific gravity, porosity at 7 and 28 days) and mechanical (unconfined compression test at 7 and 28 days) measures were performed. The research indicates that the degree of saturation significantly affects the ultrasonic pulse–echo of HVFA cement paste. The empirical relations of the physical and mechanical properties with ultrasonic pulse velocity are highly correlated.

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