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Testing of Circumferential Discontinuities Using Remote Magnetic Field Analysis

The character of a circumferential discontinuity in a tube was tested using a three dimensional finite element technique applied to the analysis of remote field eddy current testing. A remote field eddy current probe with a small detector coil can detect the changes in the magnetic field due to the presence of a circumferential discontinuity in the tube material by rotating the probe along the inner tube wall when the exciter coil passes just below the discontinuity. The calculated signal yields a line segment on the complex plane for each condition of the circumferential discontinuity, while such an analysis yields a point for either a full circumferential discontinuity or no discontinuity. It was found that the depth and the angle of the discontinuity were associated with the distribution of the line segment, including a point on complex plane. This technique is useful for testing circumferential discontinuity characteristics.

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